Tunable Bistability in Hybrid Bose-Einstein Condensate Optomechanics [article]

Kashif Ammar Yasir, Wu-Ming Liu
2015 arXiv   pre-print
Cavity-optomechanics, a rapidly developing area of research, has made a remarkable progress. A stunning manifestation of optomechanical phenomena is in exploiting the mechanical effects of light to couple the optical degree of freedom with mechanical degree of freedom. In this report, we investigate the controlled bistable dynamics of such hybrid optomechanical system composed of cigar-shaped Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) trapped inside high-finesse optical cavity with one moving-end mirror
more » ... is driven by a single mode optical field. The numerical results provide evidence for controlled optical bistability in optomechanics using transverse optical field which directly interacts with atoms causing the coupling of transverse field with momentum side modes, exited by intra-cavity field. This technique of transverse field coupling is also used to control bistable dynamics of both moving-end mirror and BEC. The report provides an understanding of temporal dynamics of moving-end mirror and BEC with respect to transverse field. Moreover, dependence of effective potential of the system on transverse field has also been discussed. To observe this phenomena in laboratory, we have suggested a certain set of experimental parameters. These findings provide a platform to investigate the tunable behavior of novel phenomenon like electromagnetically induced transparency and entanglement in hybrid systems.
arXiv:1503.08752v1 fatcat:u5dj7eha7za7tkpwwbpw5iy2vu