Supercritical fluid extraction of β-carotene from ripe bitter melon pericarp

Avinash Singh Patel, Abhijit Kar, Sukanta Dash, Sanjaya K. Dash
2019 Scientific Reports  
Study ascertained the recovery of β-carotene from enzyme-treated (enzyme load of 167 U/g) pericarp of ripe bitter melon using supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) technique. Effect of different pressure (ranged from 150-450 bar), carbon dioxide (CO2) flow rates (ranged from 15 to 55 ml/min), temperatures (from 50 to 90 °C), and extraction periods (from 45-225 minutes) were observed on the extraction efficiency of β-carotene. Results showed that extraction pressure (X1) among extraction
more » ... s had the most significant (p < 0.05) effect on extraction efficiency of the β-carotene followed by allowed extraction time (X4), CO2 flow rate (X2) and the temperature of the extraction (X3). The maximum yield of 90.12% of β-carotene from lyophilized enzymatic pretreated ripe bitter melon pericarp was achieved at the pressure of approx. 390 bar, flow rate of 35 mL/min, temperature at 70 °C and extraction time of 190 min, respectively. Based on the accelerated storage study the 70% retention shelf life of the β-carotene into extract was estimated up to 2.27 months at 10 °C and up to 3.21 months at 5 °C.
doi:10.1038/s41598-019-55481-4 pmid:31848376 fatcat:eu5b7ut4h5cznemw2hmxufb4im