Professional burnout as a source of an early school education teachers' career destabilization

Fabian Andruszkiewicz
Teacher, profession or mission? Formerly, the teacher often acted as a kind of master or educator, discussing with the student, watching him, teaching him to read, write and also introducing in the arcana of philosophical knowledge and other various fields of sciences. He was ranked among the intellectual elites. Currently, the image of the teacher corresponds with the high level of prestige and social trust, belongs to a group of professions that can be described as difficult, responsible
more » ... t, responsible stressful, often leading to job destabilization. This article attempts to depict the phenomenon of occupational burnout, as the source of early school education teacher's career destabilization, the factors affecting its occurrence, symptoms and showing the dependence of professional apathy on the occupational position. Occupational burnout syndrome is a process of the increase and accumulation of burdens and stress resulting from the occupational function, characterized by a decrease in activity not only in the psycho-emotional, social, intellectual or physiological sphere, but also in the spiritual sphere, concerning both the professional and family plane, having a basic impact on satisfaction with life existence.
doi:10.34767/szp.2019.02.06 fatcat:mjypkqu5pventkkraw73377dmm