On Generating Optimal Sparse Probabilistic Boolean Networks with Maximum Entropy from a Positive Stationary Distribution

Hao Jiang, Xi Chen, Yushan Qiu, Wai-Ki Ching
2012 East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics  
Abstract.To understand a genetic regulatory network, two popular mathematical models, Boolean Networks (BNs) and its extension Probabilistic Boolean Networks (PBNs) have been proposed. Here we address the problem of constructing a sparse Probabilistic Boolean Network (PBN) from a prescribed positive stationary distribution. A sparse matrix is more preferable, as it is easier to study and identify the major components and extract the crucial information hidden in a biological network. The
more » ... d network construction problem is both ill-posed and computationally challenging. We present a novel method to construct a sparse transition probability matrix from a given stationary distribution. A series of sparse transition probability matrices can be determined once the stationary distribution is given. By controlling the number of nonzero entries in each column of the transition probability matrix, a desirable sparse transition probability matrix in the sense of maximum entropy can be uniquely constructed as a linear combination of the selected sparse transition probability matrices (a set of sparse irreducible matrices). Numerical examples are given to demonstrate both the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed method.
doi:10.4208/eajam.191012.221112a fatcat:zwtnjqxgibgcpd2fgsspyx4uni