A Study on the Construction of Experience Design in Creative Life Industry – Take Shin-gang Incense Artistic Culture Garden in Chia-yi County as an example

Cheng-Lin Wu, Shyh-Huei Hwang
2019 Zenodo  
Starting in 2002, the development blueprint of the cultural creative industry has been proposed by the administrator in Taiwan, and which includes the creative life industry policy of transforming the traditional industry. Generally speaking, the creative life industry focuses on the inborn features such as the culture, the technology and the knowledge of traditional industries. When these features are used to combine with the contemporary living style and culture, they provide the learning and
more » ... de the learning and experience of the ordinary customers through the process of the cultural industrialization. Eventually, it corresponds to the development tendency of the experiential experience. In this study, Incense Artistic Culture Garden locates Shin-gang town, Chia-yi County, Taiwan, is exemplified. This study conducts literature review, environmental behavior observation and interview in order to figure out what are the fundamental elements of the experience design in the garden and the strategy of creating the experience of the visitors. The main conclusions are as follows: The group of the experience design elements depends on the blueprint of the experiential theme of the business. The use of the experience design elements governs or is governed by the other and they depend on each other. The life experiences composed of the experience design elements can further the formation of the style society.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2592599 fatcat:vnwjgavgkjgjrb4xzdxdi2nelq