Rabi oscillations of pinned solitons in spin chains: A route to quantum computation and communication

S. Bertaina, C.-E. Dutoit, J. Van Tol, M. Dressel, B. Barbara, A. Stepanov
2014 Physical Review B  
We provide the first evidence for coherence and Rabi oscillations of spin-solitons pinned by the local breaking of translational symmetry in isotropic Heisenberg chains (simple antiferromagnetic-Néel or spin-Peierls).We show that these correlated spin systems made of hundreds of coupled spin bear an overall spin S=1/2 and can be manipulated as a single spin. This is clearly contrary to all known spin-qubits which are paramagnetic centres, highly diluted to prevent decoherence. These results
more » ... r an alternative approach for spin-qubits paving the way for the implementation of a new type of quantum computer.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.90.060404 fatcat:qrtuqypnazc7nbg4snqzuj3e34