Effects of the Addition of Pure Glycerin Supplementation in the Drinking Water on the Performance of Broilers Submitted to Heat Stress and Feed Restriction

PO Moraes, MS Ceron, R Borille, RDF Gianluppi, GD Lovato, KM Cardinal, AML Ribeiro
2016 Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science  
The experiment was conducted to study the effect of pure glycerin supplementation (GLYC) in the drinking water of broilers subjected to heat stress and feed restriction. Water with 0, 1, or 2% glycerin was provided ad libitum to broilers in six hours of feed restriction. The birds were housed in two environments: thermoneutral (TN) -25 ° C, and cyclic heat stress (HS) -12h with 25 0 C, 6h with 32 0 C, 3h of 25 0 to 32 0 C and 3h of 32 0 to 25 0 C. The experimental design was randomized in a
more » ... orial arrangement of 2 x 3 + 2, with three GLYC levels, two environments and one control group with ad libitum feeding each environment. When submitted to HS, broiler receiving 2% glycerin presented higher weight gain (WG), water consumption (WC), feed intake (FI) and energy consumption (EI) than those in the other treatments, contrarily to birds in TN, where increasing GLYC levels decreased those responses. Broilers submitted to feed restriction presented reduced FI, but better feed conversion (FCR), independently of rearing environment or GLYC levels. Broilers under HS submitted to feed restriction and receiving 2% GLYC presented higher WC (p<0.05) and similar WG as the controls, differently from the restricted-fed broilers under TN receiving 2% GLYC, which WC and WG were lower than the controls. The inclusion of 2% pure glycerin in the drinking water may compensate the negative effects on performance caused by feed restriction in broilers submitted to heat stress.
doi:10.1590/1806-9061-2015-0166 fatcat:j2soaciezjclvgmhr7znndwgjm