Drift waves' synchronization by using an external signal. The stabilization of a chaotic plasma turbulence

C. L. Xaplanteris, E. Filippaki
2011 Chaos Theory  
In a cylindrical cold rf plasma, a variety of drifts and other sorts of waves are usually observed; when a turbulence is created, the state becomes chaotic and then the plasma turns out to be more unstable. In the present work, an external signal is enforced on the plasma's waves (or turbulence), which strongly affects the physical magnitudes of the plasma instabilities. The final result is that plasma stabilization occurs when plasma waves are synchronized with the external signal. Moreover,
more » ... signal. Moreover, nonlinear phenomena occur, such as a vigorous coupling among the waves' frequencies, which affect the Hall conductivity. Another significant observation is the influence of boundaries on the interaction waves.
doi:10.1142/9789814350341_0050 fatcat:esbh6q5csrgodozb54zxm3v3te