Study of Three-Dimensional Movements Trajectory of the Club Head during Golf Putting Stroke: Comparison between Experienced Players and Novice Players

2014 Journal of Japan Society of Sports Industry  
In our previous study, we proposed a three-dimensional movement measurement system for the club head in the golf putting stroke which was composed of a 3D gyroscope sensor and an infrared sensor. The purpose of this study was to compare the trajectory of the club head between experienced players and novice players during golf putting stroke by using the proposed system. Concretely, putting distance was changed, and trajectories of the club head, measured by the difference of each distance, were
more » ... compared. As a result, in comparison between experienced players and novice players, there were the following differences in the orbit of the club head. (1) Experienced players exhibited asymmetrical movement, while novice players exhibited symmetrical movements in putting stroke. (2) Novice players exhibited different trajectories from address to impact in every condition, while experienced players exhibited straight and stable trajectories. (3) When putting distance was long, the center position of the club face at the top showed constancy for experienced players and increase for novice players. (4) When putting distance was long, experienced players exhibited an increase in the angular velocity of the rotary motion of the face direction of the putter head from top to impact, while novice players exhibited stability. (5) Stop position of the ball cannot be evaluated by trajectory of the club head.
doi:10.5997/sposun.24.2_219 fatcat:uzj6lylebbdsfokatz6him3on4