Transformerless Inverter Topology for Single Phase Application with Elimination of Leakage Current

Rajkumar K
2020 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research  
Various disadvantages such as increased weight, size and cost of single phase photovoltaic converter with transformer has urged the design engineers towards to the transformerless topologies. But, the main challenge of transformer less inverter topology is leakage current. In recent years, many leakage current reduction techniques have been addressed. Many of them are of galvanic isolation. Nevertheless the galvanic isolation can not only results the constant value of common mode voltage (CMV).
more » ... Hence, it is not possible to achieve complete leakage current elimination. In this work, a transformerless single phase inverter with a clamping method is proposed to obtain constant CMV in all its operating modes. Additionally, a modified modulation approach is also proposed to enable a current path during the negative region of power. Consequently, it is possible to achieve reactive power region by the enabled bidirectional current path in the negative region of power. The result shows the complete clamping of the CMV and reactive power generation by the proposed system. Improved efficiency and reduction of harmonic distortions is also achieved.
doi:10.30534/ijeter/2020/61872020 fatcat:nmtqybdi6bdnll27uz3pkpvgg4