Subdivision surface watermarking

Guillaume Lavoué, Florence Denis, Florent Dupont
2007 Computers & graphics  
This paper presents a robust non-blind watermarking scheme for subdivision surfaces. The algorithm works in the frequency domain, by modulating spectral coefficients of the subdivision control mesh. The compactness of the watermarking support (a coarse control mesh) has led us to optimize the trade-off between watermarking redundancy (which ensures robustness) and imperceptibility by introducing two contributions: (1) spectral coefficients are perturbed according to a new modulation scheme
more » ... sing the spectrum shape and (2) the redundancy is optimized by using error correcting codes coming from telecommunication theory. Since the watermarked surface can be attacked in a subdivided version, we have introduced an algorithm to retrieve the control polyhedron, starting from a subdivided, attacked version. Experiments have shown the high robustness of our scheme against geometry attacks such as noise addition, quantization or non-uniform scaling and also connectivity alterations such as remeshing or simplification. r
doi:10.1016/j.cag.2007.01.022 fatcat:uggyam3hxvgt3o3ykvi2ik7v4q