Public Roads: A Journal of Highway Research, Vol. 10, No. 9

Emeritus of Mathematics ;and H. F. JANDA formerly Professor of Highway Engineering, a lof the University of North Carolina ! XPERIMENTS relating to earth pressures on culvert pipe were initiated at the University of North Carolina in 1923 in cooperation with the North Carolina State Highway Commission. The additional cooperation of the Bureau of Public Roads was obtained in 1925. The object of the experiments was to secure data for use in the design of highway There is no exact method of
more » ... ning the behavior of an elastic pipe culvert under the variable loads produced by granular fill material. Deformations in the culvert produced by the load result in a rearrangement of the material producing the deformation. This rearrangement of material is affected by the cohesive and frictional qualities of the soil. Since the problem did not lend itself to analysis without experimentation it was decided to make field tests to determine the earth pressure on culvert pipe, to ascertain the elastic behavior of the pipe under these loads, and to attempt to correlate the field data with ROADWAY ROADWAY
doi:10.21949/1523591 fatcat:l6jcfkcacvagba24rdiivcevve