Prevalence of Health Status and Reproductive Profile of Adolescent Girls in Urbanslum Area

Sudipta Patnaik, Rajat Mohanty
2015 International Journal of Science and Research   unpublished
Women plays a pivot role in the family and society throughout the different phases of her life, of which the period of adolescence is the most important. This cross sectional study is carried out in a slum area of Jobra, Cuttack Town, Orissa from April, 2014 to April 2015, to find out the prevalence of different reproductive morbidities, to assess the role of factors influencing and remedial measures to reduce these conditions. In this study 192 adolescent girls are investigated, Prevalence of
more » ... ted, Prevalence of different morbidities in this study are found to be 67.7%, in which Anaemia is observed more among study subjects, a high magnitude of problem in the Society of slum area. The factors which are responsible in the present study, are low economic status, low education, unclear family and early marriage. The present study clearly indicates the extent of the problems in adolescent girls who are the future mother. So necessary interventions are therefore essential for the prevention of such morbidities in adolescent girls like minimum marriage age should be 18 years, first pregnancy should be beyond 18 years, maintenance of good personal, genital, and menstrual hygiene, sex education in school and prevention of Anaemia.