The Effects of Stockings upon the Sliding Frictional Behavior between Shoes and the Anterior Portion of the Foot while Walking

Kikuyo HOSONAGA, Katsuhiko INAGAKI
2002 Journal of Home Economics of Japan  
We established a method for measuring and evaluating sliding frictional behavior between shoes and the anterior portion of the foot during walking, by studying the gradual change in sliding frictional length. (1) A piece of carbon paper was placed on top of a piece of white paper to make a two-sheet type sensor. This sensor was used to determine the amount of sliding friction by measuring Y% of carbon transferred to the white paper. (2) The total frictional length Ln by a simulator was
more » ... d using the equation Ln=2nl (l: stroke, n: number) by Y%. This is therefore a valid method for measuring Ln (cm) by Y%. (3) Using a simulator for sliding frictional behavior, we calculated Ln for the model involving muscle distortion. We could obtain the effect of wearing stockings on Ln. (4) When a subject walked barefoot or in stockings, the Ln, which was calculated on 4 parts of the anterior of the foot, defined the characteristics on each part.
doi:10.11428/jhej1987.53.1105 fatcat:mz3kgj6vzzeflhhx55iaudeawe