Multi Secret Image Sharing Scheme of General Access Structure with Meaningful Shares

Hongliang Cai, Dan Tang
2020 Mathematics  
A Multi Secret Image sharing scheme can share several secret images among certain participators securely. Boolean-based secret sharing schemes are one kind of secret sharing method with light-weighted computation compared to the previous complex algebraic-based methods, which can realize the sharing of multi secret images. However, the existing Boolean-based multi secret sharing schemes are mostly restricted to the particular case of (2, n) and (n, n), only few Boolean-based multi secret
more » ... schemes study the general access structure, and the shares are mostly meaningless. In this paper, a new Boolean-based multi secret sharing scheme with the general access structure is proposed. All the shares are meaningful, which can avoid attracting the attention of adversaries, and the secret images can be recovered in a lossless manner. The feasibility of the scheme is proven, the performance is validated by the experiments on the gray images, and the analysis of the comparison with other methods is also given out.
doi:10.3390/math8091582 fatcat:zgbmkyj3erhffoil63ahkhpmha