The Tay Bridge

1877 Scientific American  
THE TAY BRIDGE. THE Tay Bridge near Dundee, Scotland, is the longest structure of its kind spanning a running stream. It is nearly two miles in length, or 10,321 feet, and its construction has involved the highest engineering and mechanical skill. The following particulars relating to the construction are given by E. Gilkes, C.E., in a recent number of Engineering: Let us consider some of the most novel appliances and ex pedients which have been developed and brought to bear in its
more » ... in its construction. The earliest of these was the sand pump, the production of which is chiefl y due to Mr. Reeves and Mr. Beattie, members of the staff engaged on the bridge. These pumps draw the sand through the center of the cais sons with great rapidity and ease, the caissons sinking by their own wei � ht as the sand is removed. The process may thus be descnbed: Upon a barge or lighter four cylindrical 40 ft. high and 31 ft. in diameter, the lower 20 ft., being
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04071877-1042supp fatcat:wnwbwfjk5ja3xlwurg2hj32hee