Representations, Affordances, and Interactive Systems

Robert Rowe
2021 Multimodal Technologies and Interaction  
The history of algorithmic composition using a digital computer has undergone many representations—data structures that encode some aspects of the outside world, or processes and entities within the program itself. Parallel histories in cognitive science and artificial intelligence have (of necessity) confronted their own notions of representations, including the ecological perception view of J.J. Gibson, who claims that mental representations are redundant to the affordances apparent in the
more » ... ld, its objects, and their relations. This review tracks these parallel histories and how the orientations and designs of multimodal interactive systems give rise to their own affordances: the representations and models used expose parameters and controls to a creator that determine how a system can be used and, thus, what it can mean.
doi:10.3390/mti5050023 doaj:0a1214c5e331476a9b3d8edd174722b6 fatcat:ottuk4zrffg6bgyolgy4356zo4