Ekaterina A. Burina, St. Petersburg State University (Russia), Valentina A. Moshkivskaya, St. Petersburg Maternity Hospital №18 (Russia)
2020 Psychological Applications and Trends 2020   unpublished
The health protection of a child and a mother is one of the priority tasks with reproductive health of a woman being central. Thus, identifying the factors that have a negative impact on reproductive activity is of a great importance. The aim of the research is to study the psychological willingness for motherhood (conscious motherhood) in connection with the health-saving behavior of pregnant women. This study is one of the first in the Russian sample, examining various aspects of
more » ... cts of health-saving behavior during pregnancy. The selected and developed materials and methods of research take into account the peculiarities of the state of the pregnant woman. Realization of applied value in practice is the implementation of preventive measures (active and passive informing of women) at each stage and further evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures implemented. A total of 100 pregnant women of childbearing age take part in the study. Pregnant women do not have full correct knowledge and adequate attitudes about aspects of health-saving behavior, thereby demonstrating problem behavior (alcohol, smoking, the risk of alcohol-exposed pregnancy, that is, the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome). Under the influence of the implemented preventive measures, the behavior of pregnant women becomes more health-saving, knowledge and attitudes in this area change. Preventive materials developed in the framework of the project and implemented measures prove their effectiveness and can be recommended for application in the field of health related to the reproductive sphere of women. The study is supported by the RFBR grant № 20-013-00759a.
doi:10.36315/2020inpact052.pdf fatcat:ncu7nrplnvcybb3gwok3wt2x4a