New achievements in RF cavity manufacturing

G. Lippmann, K. Pimiskern, H. Kaiser
Proceedings of International Conference on Particle Accelerators  
Ahsrmct Dormer has been engaged in development, manufacturing and testing of Cu-, CuiNb-and Nb-cavities for many years. Recently, several different types of RF cavities were manufactured: .4 prototype superconducting (s.c.) B-Factory accelerating cavity (l-cell, 500 MHz) was delivered to Cornell University, Lab. of Nuclear Studies. A second lot of 6 S.C. cavities (20-cell, 3000 MHz) was fabricated on contract from Technical University of Darmstadt for the S-DALINAC facility. Finally, the first
more » ... Finally, the first copper RF structures (9-cell, 1300 MHz) for TESLA were finished and delivered to DESY, two S.C. niobium structures of the same design are in production. Highlights from the manufacturing processes of these cavities are described and first performance results will be reported.
doi:10.1109/pac.1993.308721 fatcat:cg7fxcxy7zajzmknxblagjvqii