Multiwavelength-integrated local model fitting method for interferometric surface profiling

Akihiro Yamashita, Masashi Sugiyama, Katsuichi Kitagawa, Hisashi Kobayashi
2012 Applied Optics  
The local model fitting (LMF) method is a useful single-shot surface profiling algorithm that features fast measurement speed and robustness against vibration. However, the measurement range of the LMF method (i.e., measurable height difference between two neighboring pixels) is limited up to a quarter of the light source wavelength. To cope with this problem, the multiwavelength-matched LMF (MM-LMF) method was proposed, where the plain LMF method is first applied individually to interference
more » ... ages obtained from multiple light sources with different wavelengths, and then the LMF solutions are matched to obtain a range-extended solution. Although the MM-LMF method was shown to provide high measurement accuracy under moderate noise, phase unwrapping errors can occur if individual LMF solutions are erroneous. In this paper, we propose the multiwavelength-integrated LMF (MI-LMF) method that directly computes a range-extended solution from multiple interference images in an integrated way. The effectiveness of the proposed MI-LMF method is demonstrated through simulations and actual experiments.
doi:10.1364/ao.51.006700 pmid:23033084 fatcat:hdnleczcjbcjvey3uweg3i3rhu