Corresponding dose response of radiographic film with layered Gafchromic film

Martin J Butson, Tsang Cheung, Peter K N Yu
2002 Physics in Medicine and Biology  
This note investigates the dose response of layered HS Gafchromic film compared to Kodak EDR-2 radiographic film. Using five layers of HS type Gafchromic film a dose response greater than EDR-2 film is achieved at the peak wavelength (0.55 OD/Gy versus 0.3 OD/Gy for EDR-2 film). Even over a broader waveband of 30 nm, which is similar to that found in ultra bright LED scanners, the response was found to be 0.38 OD/Gy as opposed to 0.29 OD/Gy. Measurements averaged over the entire visible
more » ... ire visible spectrum produce a relative dose response of 0.165 OD/Gy for five layer HS and 0.29 OD/Gy for EDR-2 film. Due to this high dose response that is achievable, the five layer HS could be used in applications where small doses are delivered to certain areas and a low dependence of energy response is required for measurement.
doi:10.1088/0031-9155/47/22/401 pmid:12476987 fatcat:3rl23vnklrcbrpfrccpmuxjfri