The Thin Justice of International Law: The Moral Reckoning of the Law of Nations by Steven R Ratner [Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2015, 496pp, ISBN 978-0-19-870404-1, £50.00 (p/bk)]

Nikolaos Pavlopoulos
2016 International and Comparative Law Quarterly  
As may be seen, the editors have produced a volume which throws fresh insights on contract law across Asia and which, in particular, forces the reader to rethink preconceptions of Asian jurisdictions as mere shadows of their colonial past. As a reader, I very much look forward to the appearance of the next five volumes in this series and the editors are to be commended in providing a valuable addition to comparative law scholarship.
doi:10.1017/s0020589316000312 fatcat:5qfbielidbgv7ax424pmc6wsfa