Spike pattern recognition using artificial neuron and spike-timing-dependent plasticity implemented on a multi-core embedded platform

F. Grassia, T. Levi, E. Doukkali, T. Kohno
2017 Artificial Life and Robotics  
The objective of this work is to use a multi-core embedded platform as computing architectures for neural applications relevant to neuromorphic engineering: e.g. robotics, artificial and spiking neural networks. Recently it has been shown how spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) can play a key role in pattern recognition. In particular multiple repeating arbitrary spatiotemporal spike patterns hidden in spike trains can be robustly detected and learned by multiple neurons equipped with
more » ... -timing-dependent plasticity listening to the incoming spike trains. This paper presents an implementation on a biological time scale of STDP algorithm to localize a repeating spatio-temporal spike patterns on a multi-core embedded platform.
doi:10.1007/s10015-017-0421-y fatcat:i435ocl35jekfiogwpreyf524m