Magnetic Field Effects on Entropy Generation in Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Cavity

H Saeid Nawaf
2013 International Journal of Physical Sciences  
The entropy generation for natural convection heat and mass transfer in a two dimensional porous cavity subjected to a magnetic field is selected for numerical investigation. The Darcy model is used in the mathematical formulation of the fluid flow in porous media. The mathematical model is derived in dimensionless form and the governing equations are solved using the finite volume method. The governing parameters arise in the mathematical model are the Rayleigh number, Lewis number, buoyancy
more » ... tio and Hartmann number. The results are presented as average Nusselt number ( Nu ), Sherwood numbers ( Sh ) and dimensionless form of local entropy generation rate (N s ) for different values of the governing parameters. The numerical results show that increasing the magnetic field parameter (Hartmann number) leads to deterioration of the flow circulation strength in the cavity and this leads to a decrease in the rates of the heat and mass transfer as well as the rate of entropy generation. The results show a stagnate fluid everywhere in the cavity when the buoyancy forces generated due to temperature and concentration differences are in the same order and opposite directions. In this case, the values of Nu , Sh and N s are the minimum. Increasing or decreasing the value of the buoyancy ratio parameter leads to enhance the fluid circulation and hence increase the values of Nu , Sh and N s . The average Sherwood number can be increased with increasing Lewis number. It is observed that the strength of the fluid circulation in the cavity is reduced by increasing the Lewis number. This leads to the decrease in the average Nusselt number and the entropy generation by increasing Lewis number.
doi:10.5897/ijps12.460 fatcat:vmla6b3bejfkrbqqfy3ockxvdi