Grammaticalization in Emirati Arabic

Najib Ismail Jarad
2017 Arabica  
This paper is concerned with the process of language change whereby lexical items and constructions, in specific contexts, come to serve new grammatical functions. Emirati Arabic provides us with a wide range of grammaticalization phenomena. The aim of this paper is twofold: to shed light on the basic concepts relating to grammaticalization phenomena and to examine the grammaticalization of a number of constructions in Emirati Arabic, investigating their formation and the changes in their
more » ... ons. The development of these grammatical constructions follows a grammaticalization pathway identified for a wide range of linguistic items cross-linguistically. Résumé Cet article s'intéresse au processus du changement de la langue dans laquelle des éléments et des constructions lexicales, dans des contextes spécifiques, viennent assurer de nouvelles fonctions grammaticales. L'arabe émirati nous offre un large éventail * This paper was presented at the 3rd International Conference on "Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation: Connecting the Dots in a Globalized World" in 2016, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman. I would like to thank the audience for their comments and suggestions. I am also extremely grateful for the insightful comments of three anonymous reviewers whose input has greatly improved this paper. Needless to say, all remaining errors and shortcomings are my own responsibility. Grammaticalization in Emirati Arabic Arabica 64 (2017) 742-760 de phénomènes de grammaticalisation. L'objectif de cet article est double : mettre en lumière les concepts fondamentaux relatifs au phénomène de grammaticalisation et examiner la grammaticalisation d'un certain nombre de constructions en arabe émirati, en étudiant leur formation et les changements dans leurs fonctions. Le développement de ces constructions grammaticales suit un processus de grammaticalisation identifié pour un large éventail d'éléments linguistiques.
doi:10.1163/15700585-12341473 fatcat:m7ei6zfkdbf5lg2v7ntahpx5u4