Humanization of nursing care for people with tuberculosis: Bibliometric Study

Mayara Del aguilal Pacheco, Widson Davi Vaz de Matos, Ivonete Vieira Pereira Peixoto, Rubenilson Caldas Valois, Iaci Proença Palmeira, Marta Cleonice Cordeiro de Assunção
2022 International journal for innovation education and research  
Objective: To analyze the scientific production on tuberculosis and the humanization of nursingcare. Methods: Bibliometric, descriptive quantitative study, carried out in the Web Of Science databasewith a time frame from January 2010 to July 2021. The laws of lotka and zipf were applied and the analysisoccurred with the aid of vosviewer software. Results: We recovered 309 scientific productions ontuberculosis and the humanization of nursing care, the majority published in 2019, with the
more » ... anceof the English language. According to lotka law among the 1,381 authors who publish on the subject, 276(20%) are responsible for 30.3% of productivity, but only eight have a total strength of co-authorship bond.Through zipf's law, 761 keywords with a predominance of "tuberculosis" and "nursing" were found. TheCountries united states of America (USA) (25%) and Brazil (22%) have the highest number of publicationson the theme addressed here. Conclusion: There is a tendency to increase in publications on tuberculosis,however, little is studied about humanization aimed at the treatment of people who experience thisdisease. More evidence should be produced in this context because the end of tuberculosis depends on theimplementation of what is contained in the global strategy plan, regarding the intensification pillar ofresearch and innovation. Such actions will contribute to the execution of more humanized practices of thecare of the nursing professional, reflecting on the success of the treatment of people suffering fromtuberculosis.
doi:10.31686/ijier.vol10.iss4.3727 fatcat:fk6nic7jjbhgfmyepem6pe5oxq