Г. Сторожаков, Р. С. Осканова, Л. Ю. Ильченко, С. Д. Косюра, И. Г. Фёдоров
2014 Arhivʺ Vnutrennej Mediciny  
Presentation of hypoxic hepatitis (НН) over the past 20 years have evolved from purely laboratory indicator to important clinical concepts, which has a great practical importance for clinicians. Unfortunately, in clinical practice НН diagnosed in connection with the non-specificity of the clinical manifestations, and lack of awareness of General practitioners about the disease. Most often, the disease is diagnosed in patients in intensive care and is associated with high mortality. In this
more » ... ature review, we analyzed the available epidemiological and pathogenic data, clinical aspects, high risk factors and possible outcomes of the НН.
doi:10.20514/2226-6704-2014-0-6-42-47 doaj:8ca6f1d95c074454a323cc54fcb09ce4 fatcat:jodwn7kwcvhybiqzkiocqk7u3a