J025024 Extraction of Anisotropic Information of Bone Tissue and Individual FE Analysis based on X-ray CT images
J025024 X線CT画像に基づく骨組織の異方性情報抽出と個体別有限要素解析

Michihiko KOSEKI, Tomoya MIYASHITA
2012 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
There are many studies of patient ・ speci 丘c stress analyses of musculoskeletal systems based on x − ray CT images . However , conventional finite element models reported in these researches were composed of the elements which have isotropic material properties in spite of the ar 血sotropy of anatomical bony tissue . It means that more accurate analysis of bone requires a huge amount of thly elements to represent material anisotropy of bone. This study aims to generate a sman FE model of bone
more » ... h anisotropic material properties in order to perlbrm more rehable stress analyses with a personal computer . This paper proposes quant 丗 cation algorithm ofmaterial anisotropy of bone based on micro − fbcused CT images . A stress analyses were pe 面 rmed and it reveals the consideration ofbone anisotropy is important ibr patient ・ speci 丘c analysis ofbone tissue.
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2012._j025024-1 fatcat:s64ypqs22bcldnk2c7v6smtllq