Microscale acoustofluidics: Microfluidics driven via acoustics and ultrasonics

James Friend, Leslie Y. Yeo
2011 Reviews of Modern Physics  
This article reviews acoustic microfluidics: the use of acoustic fields, principally ultrasonics, for application in microfluidics. Although acoustics is a classical field, its promising, and indeed perplexing, capabilities in powerfully manipulating both fluids and particles within those fluids on the microscale to nanoscale has revived interest in it. The bewildering state of the literature and ample jargon from decades of research is reorganized and presented in the context of models derived
more » ... from first principles. This hopefully will make the area accessible for researchers with experience in materials science, fluid mechanics, or dynamics. The abundance of interesting phenomena arising from nonlinear interactions in ultrasound that easily appear at these small scales is considered, especially in surface acoustic wave devices that are simple to fabricate with planar lithography techniques common in microfluidics, along with the many applications in microfluidics and nanofluidics that appear through the literature.
doi:10.1103/revmodphys.83.647 fatcat:xb4uz77glbgpnnr3fxbkjqhwfq