Oriented Physical Exercise and Sports Nutrition and the Risk of Growth of Tumours

Bruno Tratz
2014 Cancer Research Journal  
The health and life quality of men can be preserved and improved using a regular practice of physical activities. It is well known that when properly oriented, the physical exercise can combat several diseases, e. g. cardiovascular, metabolic and even physiological, such as depression. However, the higher oxygen consumption, as well as the activation of specific metabolic pathways during and after the exercises results in the formation of free radicals. Exhausting physical exercises of high
more » ... nsity elevate the risk of diseases, like pulmonary emphysemas, inflammation, aging and increased risk of damage in the DNA with consequent carcinogenesis. The excessive elevation of free radicals without the optimal accompaniment of antioxidants induces a psychopathological stage known as oxidative stress, which generates lipids, damages to proteins and to the DNA, becoming cytotoxic or causing changes in the cellular functions and even in the tissues. This is a common occurrence in drug users, overexposure to environmental factors such as sun light, metabolic alterations originated from obesity or diabetes, and even physical exercises. There is general agreement that physical training and adequate alimentation, besides protecting against some types of cancer, increases the aspects of anti-tumor immunity and reduces inflammatory mediators. Evidences suggest that the prophylactic effect of the exercise can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory effects mediated by the regular practice of exercises, through the reduction of visceral fat and increase of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the circulation. This study had as objective to demonstrate the importance of a well targeted training, for the performance of physical activities in an adequate intensity associated to antioxidant supplementation, in order to prevent excessive physical wear and appearing of oxidative stress.
doi:10.11648/j.crj.s.2014020601.17 fatcat:bnhgtw53njf3fbmayh4kn747em