Soil Pollution with Copper, Lead and Zinc in the Surroundings of Large Copper Ore Tailings Impoundment

Elżbieta Musztyfaga, Cezary Kabała, Agata Urszula Bielińska, Mateusz Cuske, Bernard Gałka
2014 Environmental Protection and Natural Resources  
Analysis of the top-soil total content of heavy metals was carried out inthe vicinity of large copper ore tailings pound in the south-western Poland with regard to soil properties, direction and distance from the tailings pound. None of the soils under study ex-ceeded the limits admitted in the official standards for soil quality, but the assessment made in accordance with IUNG-guidelines to soil contamination determination showed that more than half of the monitoring sites have elevated metal
more » ... ave elevated metal content, Cu, in par-ticular. The results confirmed high effectiveness of dust control preventing its eolian spread from the tailings pound.
doi:10.2478/oszn-2014-0027 fatcat:ardjcgza6ff6hgiywrejnd25fu