Bracket Piano Candlestick, Designed by Ihne & Stegmuller, Berlin

1878 Scientific American  
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, No. 143. 2275 chamber. A dozen are generally suspended at a time. In ness, perforated with small holes. These shells have an in order to obtain a uniform action upon all parts of the pieces, side diameter of about 5 inches, and the cloth is rolled upon it is necessary to change their position occasionally; forthis them tightly, so as to form rolls of 12 to 13 inches diameter. purpose there are pinions on the ends of the iron rods which In this way much space is
more » ... way much space is saved, because 25 pieces can be gear one into another, so that by turning one of them by placed where only eight or nine have room if hung in the means of an outer handle the whole series of pinions are like-former sacks. The chamber is here supposed to be one about wise turned, and the pieces therefore moved. Whell all the 3 yarus high above the false bottom, 2� yards long, and 1� pieces are placed, the chamber is covered by a cloth, or a yard wide; the sides contain grooves, into which iron cover, or even by a hood, which allows the steam to escape frames can be slided and lifted out from above. Five such out of the chamber; sometimes the upper part is covered by frames, each containing five pieces, give a charge of twenty an iron frame upon which a cloth is stretched, and which is five pieces. In other respects this chamber is like the pre screwed down entirely steam-tight. As soon as the steam is vious ones. It is evident that though space, and, conse admitted the false bottom of cloth assumes a more or less quently, steam are saved, the result may be unsatisfactory on convex form, in proportion as the pressure is higher or account of the tightness of the rolling, which must prevent lower. A steam·pipe communicates with a gauge placed the steam penetrating with the same ease as in the previously outside which indicates the degree of pressure.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09281878-2275bsupp fatcat:x4wlyzyt25f5xg7yen6efnpbna