Study the Importance of Advertising in the Market take Luxury Goods, FMCG,Car Market as An Example

Dixian Sang, Siqi Xiong, Wanqi Zhang, Yafeng Lin
2022 BCP Business & Management  
With the globalization of the economy, the products that people can buy are more and more diverse. No matter what kind of market, advertising, which directly spreads product information, always occupies an important position in the marketing mix. Luxury goods focus on meeting people's psychological needs. Luxury brands need to convey intangible things such as brand culture and value concepts to consumers, and make them pay for the symbolic meaning of the brand. In the automobile market, as a
more » ... h-consumption product, people choose carefully and often do not buy them multiple times, which makes the car market inactive. At the same time, the fast-selling market is highly substitutable, with high product performance and appearance similarity, and its market competition is increasingly fierce, resulting in consumers becoming less and less sensitive to the promotion of fast-selling products. This paper studies the problem of advertising promoting consumers' purchase desire in three markets in the form of a review. We found that the advertising characteristics of luxury goods, fast-moving consumer goods and automobile markets are based on consumer psychology, and through specific advertising forms or content, as well as high advertising investment, to amplify product characteristics, stimulate consumers' willingness to buy, and increase corporate sales. Finally, the research significance of this paper is to summarize the successful experience of advertising and marketing in the luxury goods, automobiles, and fast-moving consumer goods industries, and provide reference for other industries.
doi:10.54691/bcpbm.v20i.1117 fatcat:k63cht7xqffxpn37b3t6jrmjui