Meta-learning based Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Non-convex Optimization [article]

Jingyuan Xia, Shengxi Li, Jun-Jie Huang, Imad Jaimoukha, Deniz Gunduz
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, we propose a novel solution for non-convex problems of multiple variables, especially for those typically solved by an alternating minimization (AM) strategy that splits the original optimization problem into a set of sub-problems corresponding to each variable, and then iteratively optimize each sub-problem using a fixed updating rule. However, due to the intrinsic non-convexity of the original optimization problem, the optimization can usually be trapped into spurious local
more » ... mum even when each sub-problem can be optimally solved at each iteration. Meanwhile, learning-based approaches, such as deep unfolding algorithms, are highly limited by the lack of labelled data and restricted explainability. To tackle these issues, we propose a meta-learning based alternating minimization (MLAM) method, which aims to minimize a partial of the global losses over iterations instead of carrying minimization on each sub-problem, and it tends to learn an adaptive strategy to replace the handcrafted counterpart resulting in advance on superior performance. Meanwhile, the proposed MLAM still maintains the original algorithmic principle, which contributes to a better interpretability. We evaluate the proposed method on two representative problems, namely, bi-linear inverse problem: matrix completion, and non-linear problem: Gaussian mixture models. The experimental results validate that our proposed approach outperforms AM-based methods in standard settings, and is able to achieve effective optimization in challenging cases while other comparing methods would typically fail.
arXiv:2009.04899v7 fatcat:ddw4js7kljgqnpm2xe2pd56uea