Personal information organisation: Studies on user-appropriate classification and retrieval strategies and their implications for information management systems design [thesis]

Pamela Ravasio, Sissel Guttormsen Schär, Helmut Krueger, Horst Oberquelle
Personal information consists of pieces of information that individuals collect, store on their computer, and try to find again at some point in the future when context makes them relevant again. Since the beginning of the 1990ies, the total amount of information stored globally, and the amount of personal information stored by individual users, has grown exponentially. Whilst 'good' organisation of information has always been a major concern for both the individual and systems designers, today
more » ... 'efficient' and 'intuitive' retrieval of stored information is slowly gaining greater attention. This is why the presented thesis aims at investigating issues related to the organisation and, even more importantly, the access to and retrieval of previously organised information, and the respective technical infrastructure. The results then, can be categorised as follows:
doi:10.3929/ethz-a-004793992 fatcat:nzkjsy37njcebmnpptwecb7xfa