The Nature and Sources of Stress among EFL Teachers The Nature and Sources of Stress among EFL Teachers

Esmail Mohammdi, Mohammad Erfanpour, Esmail Mohammdi, Mohammad Erfanpour
Stress is a major concern in teaching profession. Stress has become a major concern in modern time because it can cause and harm employee's health and performance. So, it cannot be ignored (Pathak & Sarin, 2011). Stress can be debilitating or facilitating. If the sources and effects of stress are spotted and attempts are made to mitigate the stress level down to the desired level, teaching EFL classes can be more desirable and productive. The aim of this study was to identify the sources of
more » ... the sources of stress among EFL teachers and their coping strategies as well as whether there was a significant relationship between the perception of stress prevalence and their demographic information. The population in this study consisted of 65 EFL teachers in Fasa. The interview and questionnaire were used for data collection. The questionnaire consisted of 4 sections and 55 items administrated and collected in teachers' meetings. The results were analyzed using SPSS 16 for windows. Percentage of responses, means, standard deviation were calculated for each item, and Chi-square was carried out to determine the results. Then Spearman correlation was run to discover the degree of relationship. The results revealed that the main sources of stress among EFL teachers were: books and materials, lack of time, inadequate salary, and parents' low involvement. Furthermore, the findings of the study showed that EFL most frequently used coping strategies were: finding comfort in religion, being optimistic about the outcome, trying to come up with a strategy. Moreover, the results of this investigation showed that the perception of stress prevalence did not have any significant correlation with demographic information.