Impact of Nonparametric Density Estimation Density estimation on the Approximation Approximation of the G∕G∕1 Queue by the M∕G∕1 One [chapter]

Aïcha Bareche, Djamil Aïssani
2015 Functional Statistics and Applications  
In this paper, we show the interest of nonparametric boundary density estimation to evaluate a numerical approximation of G=G=1 and M=G=1 queueing systems using the strong stability approach when the general arrivals law G in the G=G=1 system is unknown. A numerical example is provided to support the results. We give a proximity error between the arrival distributions and an approximation error on the stationary distributions of the quoted systems. A. Bareche ( ) Research Unit LaMOS (Modeling
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doi:10.1007/978-3-319-22476-3_7 fatcat:fveizlkenbasjlis3gok3auahq