Design of a Six-axis Force/moment Sensor for Wrist Twist-exercise Rehabilitation Robot
손목회전운동 재활로봇을 위한 6축 힘/모멘트센서 설계

Hyeon Min Kim, Gab Soon Kim
2013 Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering  
Most serious stroke patients have the paralysis on their wrists, and can't use their hands freely. But their wrists can be recovered by rehabilitation exercises. Recently, professional rehabilitation therapeutists help stroke patients exercise their wrists in hospital. But it is difficult for them to rehabilitate their wrists, because the therapeutists are much less than stroke patients in number. Therefore, the wrist twist-exercise rehabilitation robot that can measure the twist force of the
more » ... wist force of the patients' wrists is needed and developed. In this paper, the six-axis force/moment sensor was designed appropriately for the robot. As a test result, the interference error of the six-axis force/moment sensor was less than 0.85%. It is thought that the sensor can be used to measure the wrist twist force of the patient.
doi:10.7736/kspe.2013.30.5.529 fatcat:2tt54uvcsfcdncb2ekje7v26fq