Singularity Theorems in the Effective Field Theory for Quantum Gravity at Second Order in Curvature

Folkert Kuipers, Xavier Calmet
2020 Universe  
In this paper, we discuss singularity theorems in quantum gravity using effective field theory methods. To second order in curvature, the effective field theory contains two new degrees of freedom which have important implications for the derivation of these theorems: a massive spin-2 field and a massive spin-0 field. Using an explicit mapping of this theory from the Jordan frame to the Einstein frame, we show that the massive spin-2 field violates the null energy condition, while the massive
more » ... in-0 field satisfies the null energy condition, but may violate the strong energy condition. Due to this violation, classical singularity theorems are no longer applicable, indicating that singularities can be avoided, if the leading quantum corrections are taken into account.
doi:10.3390/universe6100171 fatcat:bziv2d6l4bb3tmssps74tcpkrq