Paulo F. Bedaque, Ubirajara van Kolck
2002 Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science  
We review the effective field theories (EFTs) developed for few-nucleon systems. These EFTs are controlled expansions in momenta, where certain (leading-order) interactions are summed to all orders. At low energies, an EFT with only contact interactions allows a detailed analysis of renormalization in a non-perturbative context and uncovers novel asymptotic behavior. Manifestly model-independent calculations can be carried out to high orders, leading to high precision. At higher energies, an
more » ... her energies, an EFT that includes pion fields justifies and extends the traditional framework of phenomenological potentials. The correct treatment of QCD symmetries ensures a connection with lattice QCD. Several tests and prospects of these EFTs are discussed.
doi:10.1146/annurev.nucl.52.050102.090637 fatcat:7jpgvaksrbcqdivpkzady63tzu