Islamiche Seelsorge - neue Herausforderung in einer multikulturellen Gesellschaft

Hizir Uzuner
2016 unpublished
The present master thesis examines the prospects of Turkish Muslims concerning pastoral care using the example of patients at the AKH in Vienna. Initially the institutional and legal background is presented, in order to analyse afterwards the theological foundations of the concept of disease within the Islamic tradition. From a methodological point of view the prospects of religious Muslims are collected with qualitative techniques, which are geared to Andreas Witzels problem-centred interview
more » ... nd Uwe Flicks concept of thematic codification. The empirical part of the study presents a detailed interpretation of the collected data. As a result four levels concerning the prospects of Muslims in relation to pastoral care can be distinguished: a psychological, a social, a religious and a personal dimension. Within this setting the requirements of an actual pastoral care for Muslims are made explicit. Especially relevant are in this context the support of patients in a personal crisis, the competence of communicating with the main players in a hospital, giving religious orientation on the basis of a well-grounded theological knowledge and the necessity for pastors to satisfy high personal demands, which are applied to them.
doi:10.25365/thesis.41735 fatcat:kmfyovgeafb2vdh5niic6sv25a