Labor Maintenance. Daniel Bloomfield

Beardsley Ruml
1921 Journal of Political Economy  
43I hands of a competent teacher, but which do require correction. For example the statement is made that selling by mail-order houses costs 7. 2I per cent of net sales, while the reviewer is sure that if he understands the statement, the figure should be something like three times as large. Again the statement is made that transportation charges on most manufactured products are not of special importance. Surely the following statement is incorrect: "In general the margin between the
more » ... tween the producer's price and the wholesale price is wider than that between the wholesale price and the retail price. This means that on the whole the public is a better buyer than the producer is seller" (p. 235). The weakest chapters are those on cost and market price, as these do not show a thorough grasp of economic analysis. These criticisms are made with the idea of being helpful and the reviewer would close by stating that the book is broadly conceived and contains such a large amount of useful information and discussion that he would probably select it for use in a course in marketing.
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