Operation of Resonant DC/DC Converter in the BUCK Operation Regime

Ivars Rankis, Janis Zakis
2014 Power and Electrical Engineering  
The series resonant DC/DC converter with isolation transformer is investigated. When switching frequency of input inverter bridge is above the resonant one a shortening of the naturally half-waves of current through a L-C resonant circuit takes place resulting in a circulating current through the DC supply source reducing a mean value of supply current and also reducing load voltage in respect to the one at normally resonant case. The main relations for the case with strong voltage supply
more » ... are obtained and operation regimes at raised switching frequency investigated using a computer modeling. Some conclusions are made for proper calculation of parameters. It is shown that the shape of the resonant circuit current at raised frequency grows to the triangular one and that asks for proper correction of the expressions obtained for sinusoidal case. Applying qZ input link processes quite differ from observed for the strong supplyarise charging of the capacitors of the link by influence of circulating current and this phenomena impedes to reducing of the load voltage. That qZ link does not allow to create proper regulation of load parameters. He has over 30 publications and is the holder of the Utility Model in power converter design. His research interests include flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS), simulation of power systems, switching mode power converters, applied design of power converters and energy storage systems.
doi:10.7250/pee.2014.006 fatcat:texgju6cyffwjk3cjyui7vu334