Subjective Effects of Lemon Seed, Rose and Lavender Essential Oils on Humans: A Case Study from Two Different Age Groups

Fatma Çiğdem Sakinoğlu Oruç, Sevda Dursun, Aylin Demirli
2017 International Journal of Secondary Metabolite  
Plant volatile oils have been used for different purposes for years, especially in the scientific and commercial areas. Among the major areas of their uses were the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries, and the aroma/phyto therapeutic applications. The lemon seed, rose and lavender oils were the most commonly used oils and their effects on humans also differed individually. In this study, effects of these essential (volatile) oils on two age groups, 17-24 and 25-40 were thus
more » ... . The study was conducted on 80 people for one hour and the effects were evaluated using questionnaires. We used SPSS method for statics. In 17-25 age group, lavender oil caused drowsiness and weakness in 60% and 50% of respondents respectively, and also some mild giddiness, nausea, headache and dizziness. In 25-40 age group it caused giddiness and weakness in 40% respondents, and also gave mild vigor and tranquility. Lemon seed oil caused drowsiness in 85%, weakness and headache in 50%, and clear sensation in 55% of the respondents from 17-24 age group, while in 25-40 age group it caused clear sensation in 80% of respondents, and gave the mood of tranquility in 70% and happiness in 60%. However, rose oil demonstrated more intense effects on people, causing drowsiness and nausea in 55%, weakness and headache in 50%, and also giddiness, face flush and palpitation in 17-24 age-group-respondents. In 25-40 age group it caused drowsiness and nausea in 40% while it gave happiness and tranquility in 60% of respondents. Study results indicated that effects of different types of volatile oils on humans vary based on the age groups. So, the preference of essential oils in our daily lives is implied to have great importance. Therefore, further studies on the subject should be conducted to better emphasize the choice and use of these oils based on the age groups.
doi:10.21448/ijsm.373289 fatcat:6w2cqi4qarfcnf7pqbnvf4osdq