A Case of Acquired Hemophilia A Diagnosed with Submucosal Hematoma of Oral Cavity

2019 Japanese Journal of Oral Diagnosis / Oral Medicine  
SHO ARIKAWA, HIROMICHI MATSUYAMA, KAZUHIRO NAKAHASHI AND TADAAKI KIRITA * :Acquired hemophilia A is a rare disease caused by the acquisition of factor Ⅷ inhibitor. Its incidence is reported to be 1.48 cases per million persons, and is often diagnosed on sudden bleeding of subcutaneous or intramuscular tissue. Here, we report a case of acquired hemophilia A diagnosed with submucosal hematoma of the oral cavity. A male patient in his 70s was referred to our hospital due to growth of an oral
more » ... th of an oral hematoma. He did not have any prior history of bleeding. On laboratory tests, the platelet count and prothrombin time were almost normal. However, the activated partial thromboplastin time was longer than normal. We suspected coagulopathy and further examination was done. Then, a decrease in coagulation activity of factor Ⅷ and the presence of factor Ⅷ inhibitor were detected. On hospital day 5, we diagnosed him with acquired hemophilia A and began immunotherapy with prednisolone. On hospital day 16, the submucosal hematoma disappeared. On hospital day 28, factor Ⅷ inhibitor was not detected on laboratory tests. Prednisolone was gradually decreased and there are no longer any symptoms of bleeding and hematoma. :acquired hemophilia A(後天性血友病 A) ,factor Ⅷ inhibitor(第Ⅷ因子インヒビター) ,hematoma(血腫) , oral bleeding(口腔内出血)
doi:10.15214/jsodom.32.168 fatcat:zql2q76edrdebmxvgtk6gct7wa