Research in the Seismic Microzonation for Large Factories and Mines——Taking Yizheng Chemical Fiber Factory as an Example

小三 陶
2014 Advances in Geosciences  
Taking Sinopec Yizheng Chemical co., LTD. factory (hereinafter referred to as Yizheng Chemical Fiber Factory) as an example, the characteristics of seismic microzonation for Large Factories and Mines are studied. The research demonstrated the seismic environment, borehole layout, engineering geological zoning, acceleration time history synthesis, analysis of seismic effect, seismic microzonation, etc. According to the results of the site geological conditions and a lot of seismic effects of
more » ... smic effects of Yizheng Chemical Fiber Factory, the factory is divided into three districts; the parameters of aseismic design for each district are also given, at the same time, and the seismic microzonation map and seismic geological disaster zoning map are formulated. By comparing the seismic microzonation results with some related seismic codes, this article points out some shortcomings in the related seismic codes. The seismic microzonation of large factories and mines, and even town, district or city urban, which is conducive to the planning and construction, improves the ability of society of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.
doi:10.12677/ag.2014.41006 fatcat:lsokppuawfh45ii54zd3oa6lzu