InSb-ZnO:Ge nanocomposite thin films: One-step synthesis, structural, optical, and electrical properties

Seishi Abe
2019 AIP Advances  
One-step synthesis of the composite thin film with InSb nanocrystals embedded in ZnO doped with Ge was investigated. The films were deposited on water-cooled substrate by radio-frequency sputtering using a target of ceramic ZnO disc with InSb and Ge chips and subsequently heat-treated in vacuum. The composites exhibited a shift in optical absorption edge due to a presence of InSb nanocrystals. Elemental mapping using energy dispersive X-ray microscopy revealed that the added Ge was selectively
more » ... ocated in ZnO. The solubility limit of Ge in ZnO was 2 at.% at an annealing temperature of 873 K.
doi:10.1063/1.5093570 fatcat:rnkzfwrlubgdxe4enlwmqhzmhe