Tube shape-controlled crystal growth / dicing technique dedicated for scintillation materials, and its application to radiation imaging devices

Masao Yoshino, Kei Kamada, Yasuhiro Shoji, Atsushi Kotaki, Yuui Yokota, Shunsuke Kurosawa, Akihiro Yamaji, Takashi Hanada, Yuji Ohashi, Hiroki Sato, Akira Yoshikawa
2021 Journal of the Japanese Association for Crystal Growth  
This article presents the development of the tube shape-controlled oxide scintillator directly grown from a melt via the micro-pulling-down method. We grew tube shapecontrolled Ce doped Y3Al5O12 (tube-Ce:YAG) single-crystal scintillators with shape control using the µ-PD method, which we have reported in previous paper. We also developed and evaluated the diced Eu:SrI2 scintillator arrays and their scintillation properties for radiation imaging application. Using a novel dicing technique
more » ... c to halide scintillation crystals, a high-energy resolution scintillator array is developed that is cost-effective and widely applicable. Finally, these techniques and development were applied for the novel imaging method we proposed, called scintillation active collimator (SAC). These results demonstrated that the SAC could be promising imaging method for the future medical imaging application.
doi:10.19009/jjacg.48-1-05 fatcat:lqe2oouef5bylmetiifkzqm2im