Annealing temperature dependence of capacitance-voltage characteristics in Ge-nanocrystal-based nonvolatile memory structures

C. J. Park, H. Y. Cho, S. Kim, Suk-Ho Choi, R. G. Elliman, J. H. Han, Chungwoo Kim, H. N. Hwang, C. C. Hwang
2006 Journal of Applied Physics  
The annealing temperature ͑T A ͒ dependence of capacitance-voltage ͑C-V͒ characteristics has been studied in metal-oxide-semiconductor structures containing Ge nanocrystals ͑NCs͒ produced by ion implantation and annealing. These structures are of interest for application as nonvolatile memory and T A is shown to have a strong influence on the C-V hysteresis. This behavior is shown to be correlated with structural changes of the Ge NCs which have been characterized by synchrotron-radiation
more » ... ron-radiation photoemission spectroscopy. Specifically, well-defined C-V characteristics with large hysteresis were found only for annealing temperatures greater than 950°C where Ge nanocrystals are known to form. In this temperature regime, transmission electron microcopy and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy demonstrate the existence of regularly arranged Ge NCs of approximately 3-5 nm diameter located around 6.7 nm from the interface.
doi:10.1063/1.2168249 fatcat:hs6k4p2urzeu5hzcrbpxbt6m5a