Amplitudes, recursion relations and unitarity in the Abelian Higgs model

Ronald Kleiss, Oscar Boher Luna
2017 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The Abelian Higgs model forms an essential part of the electroweak standard model: it is the sector containing only Z and Higgs bosons. We present a diagram-based proof of the tree-level unitarity of this model inside the unitary gauge, where only physical degrees of freedom occur. We derive combinatorial recursion relations for off-shell amplitudes in the massless approximation, which allows us to prove the cancellation of the first two orders in energy of unitarity-violating high-energy
more » ... g high-energy behaviour for any tree-level amplitude in this model. We describe a deformation of the amplitudes by extending the physical phase space to at least 7 spacetime dimensions, which leads to on-shell recursion relations a la BCFW. These lead to a simple proof that all on-shell tree amplitudes obey partial-wave unitarity.
doi:10.1007/jhep12(2017)002 fatcat:2tpofj4cuvbvnjdbyhi5rrqovi